Chiptime Results is equipped to time various activities such as (but not limited to); Road Races, Triathlons, Trail Races, Stair Climbs, Cross Country, Cycling, Open Water Swims, Obstacle Courses and even a Soap Box Derby!

My Laps

Chiptime Results uses MyLaps Timing Technology to capture each athletes’ performance.

Bibtag – chip attached to the back of the bib

Reusable timing chip – chip attached to a Velcro band that is worn around the ankle

Single-use timing chip – chip attached to the athlete’s shoe laces

  • Live Results on our website during the event

  • LED Display Clocks

  • Registration online data downloaded from Race Roster and/or Master Registration Lists produced

  • Timing chips and/or race kits assembled

  • Same day registrations processed at no extra cost

  • Custom Award Scoring – traditional Cross Country scoring, points series, team awards and age grading

  • Consultations for Race Directors

  • Online Registration Capabilities through Race Roster Race Roster Logo

  • Race bibs either custom or generic provided by Running Count Running Count Logo 

  • Course Certification

  • Inflatable Finish Line Structures (small and large inflatable available) *Rental

  • LED Display Clock *Rental

  • P.A. System *Rental

  • Generators *Rental

  • Split Mats

  • Announcer Mats

  • Custom T-Shirts

  • Megaphones *Rental

  • Advertising Capabilities

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